J.J. Goldberg is Editor in Chief of the Forward, the national newsweekly published in association with the legendary Jewish Daily Forward. An award-winning journalist, author and lecturer, he has covered the politics and culture of the Middle East and the Jewish world for more than two decades. In the past he has served as a syndicated columnist in New York, as a police reporter in Los Angeles and as U.S. bureau chief of the Israeli newsmagazine Jerusalem Report. His commentaries have appeared frequently in the New York Times and other newspapers. He is the author of several books, including the acclaimed 1996 study of American Jewish political clout, "Jewish Power: Inside the American Jewish Establishment" (Addison-Wesley Publishing), which was featured on the Philadelphia Inquirer's list of "100 most important books of 1996." The New York Times said the book "can teach even the initiated a thing or two about American Jewish life in the postwar era." A native New Yorker, he lived and worked in Israel during the 1970s, serving as an education specialist with the World Zionist Organization in Jerusalem and as an official of the kibbutz movement.

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