Balfour Brickner, the senior Rabbi Emeritus of Stephen Wise Free Synagogue in New York and executive director of The Alfred and Gail Engelberg Foundation, is also the author of books, pamphlets, journal articles, film guides, filmstrips and newspaper columns. His books include Searching the Prophets for Values, and he has contributed to Christians and Jews: The Tragic Past, the Hopeful Future. For seven years he wrote and hosted a national radio program: Adventures in Judaism, winner of four Ohio State Awards for outstanding religious broadcasting. He taught Biblical and Post Biblical history at American University and Fordham University, and he has lectured at The New School for Social Research, NYC. He appears regularly on local and national radio and television, including appearances on Nightline and The Donahue Show. His articles have appeared in New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Newsday, The Saturday Review, The Christian Century, and Newsweek.

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