Bruce Cohen is the International Co-Director and founder of Interns For Peace. An ordained Rabbi at Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati 73 and a graduate of Cornell University’s School of Industrial & labor Relations, Rabbi Cohen has 40 years experience of catalyzing the indigenous training of the natural leaders from the “street” as community development peace professionals. In 1965, Bruce Cohen began pioneering the training of conflict resolution workers as a Building Organizer with the East Harlem Tenants Council. In 1976, distraught by the killing of 6 Israeli Arabs during the Land Day of 1976, Bruce Cohen, with the assistance of 15 Jewish and 15 Arab coexistence activists at a meeting at Hebrew University, founded IFP to train professionals in conflict resolution via community work in order to promote mutual respect and tolerance amongst Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs. As cited by David Shipler in “Arab and Jew”, IFP graduates serve as a “vital reservoir of talent” to advance civil society, human rights, democracy and peace in the Mid-East, like Gershon Basking of IPCRI; IFP civil society reform projects become “public policy” with national/local governments and are sustainable, as part of annual calendars of communities, where IFP operates.

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