Amjad Atallah is Director of the Strategic Assessments Initiative, an organization committed to providing pro bono legal and policy assistance to parties involved in peace negotiations. He is currently an advisor to Yasser Abed Rabbo and the Palestinian Peace Coalition and consultant to the Israel Defense Forces and the Palestinian cabinet on how to use peacekeepers to prepare for third party involvement in the Gaza disengagement in a manner that assures Israeli security and Palestinian exercise of freedom. For the past three years, Mr. Atallah advised the PLO's Negotiations Affairs Department, and Mahmoud Abbas' office, in peace negotiations with Israel on international borders, security, and constitutional issues. He was also responsible for liaising with US government officials in Washington, D.C. on these issues. He coordinated Palestinian cooperation with the Sharm El-Sheikh Fact Finding Committee (the Mitchell Commission), the General Zinni and Secretary of State Powell missions, and was involved in discussions pertaining to the Quartet "Roadmap", including the establishment of monitoring mechanisms and other forms of third party involvement.

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