Herb Kelman Herb Kelman is one of the leading social psychologists of our time. His scholarly work on the processes of social influence-compliance, identification, and internalization-had extraordinary impact on professional life. His work on the social psychology of obedience is a major social psychological contribution to the study of genocide and sanctioned massacres. His research on the social psychological foundations and dimensions of international behavior is a cornerstone for the social scientific study of international relations.

His commitment to the scholarly study and the practical advancement of peace has been the guiding light of his professional life. During the last quarter century, he refocused his colossal scholarly and personal energies on the promotion of the prospects for peace in the Middle East. Through his work at and through the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, he pioneered in fostering dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians. His workshops brought together influential personalities from both sides of the conflict where participants could emerge as human beings, still committed to their respective views but enabled to listen directly to the concerns of the other.
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