Marcia Freedman, President of Brit Tzedek v'Shalom, was one of the founders and leaders of the feminist movement in Israel in the early seventies. In 1973 she was elected to the Knesset and served through 1977. A rare spokesperson for women's issues in the Knesset, Ms. Freedman raised concerns that had never been publicly discussed in Israel, such as domestic violence, breast cancer, rape, incest, and teenage prostitution. She introduced legislation that led to reform of Israel's then highly restrictive abortion law. In 1977 she co-founded the Women's Party. She also was an active member of the Israeli peace movement, and helped to pioneer a network of services for women, including Israel's first shelter for battered women in Haifa. Ms. Freedman currently divides her time between Berkeley and Jerusalem. In Israel, she founded the newly established Community School for Women, a school without walls that provides women's studies in the community as well as courses designed for economic empowerment. She is also an active member of the Israeli Women's Coalition for a Just Peace. In Berkeley, she is a frequent lecturer and an advocate for Israeli women's and peace issues in the North American Diaspora. She is immediate past president of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival. She is the author of an acclaimed memoir, Exile in the Promised Land, and numerous articles and reviews.

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