Daniel Sieradski
Orthodox Anarchist

Daniel Sieradski is an artist, writer and activist devoted to creating, promoting and documenting new forms of Jewish cultural expression. A web designer by trade, he has worked with the leading young Jewish cultural innovators as well as many well-established Jewish organizations in developing their websites and Internet strategies. As director of Matzat, Sieradski has founded several successful Internet and "real-world" ventures, including Jewschool.com (a leading Jewish weblog with over 30,000 readers monthly), Radical Torah (an Internet resource for Torah commentary pertaining to social justice issues) and Corner Prophets (which promotes coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians through hip-hop culture). His latest project, Jew It Yourself, promises to radically alter the way young Jews engage with Judaism. Hailed as a "fresh faced iconoclast...redefining American Judaism" by B'nai B'rith Magazine, he has been regarded as "one of the most recognized Jewish literary voices on the Internet" by Tikkun Magazine, and as "a leader in a Jewish movement that is trying to a create a new image for Judaism to project to its youth" by The Jewish Standard.

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