Judith Kaye
Co-Founder of Rhode Island Chapter, Brit Tzedek v'Shalom

Judy Kaye is co-founder of the RI chapter of Brit Tzedek. After a 10-year career as a Legal Services lawyer representing low-income clients, she started her own training and consulting practice in 1993, focusing on diversity issues, discrimination and harassment prevention, and cross-cultural communication. She is an active member (and occasional lay cantor) of the large, mainstream Conservative congregation in Providence, and frequently introduces elements and practices from Jewish Renewal based on her yearly retreats at Elat Chayyim (Center for Jewish Spirituality). She also officiates at life cycle events for unaffiliated families.

When the second Intifada began, Judy felt compelled to integrate her Jewish and diversity selves more strongly, to increase her activism in promoting a peaceful and just resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and to encourage understanding and engagement with the "Other." She convened an Arab-Jewish dialogue group, but continued to feel isolated and marginalized in her synagogue and the larger peace community. After years of feeling excruciatingly uncomfortable at both “pro-Israel” and “pro-Palestinian” rallies, she is extremely grateful that she has found a home in Brit Tzedek.

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