Cherie R. Brown
Founder & Executive Director,
National Coalition Building Institute

Ms. Brown is Founder-Executive Director of the National Coalition building Institute (NCBI), a Washington, DC-based nonprofit leadership training organization. In the eighteen years, Ms. Brown has built NCBI into one of the leading diversity training and grassroots leadership organizations with chapters in 50 cities worldwide. NCBI has trained over 10,000 men, women and young people in cities, corporations and on college campuses around the world. These NCBI-trained leaders work together in teams to provide a powerful resource for their communities-combating prejudice, resolving intergroup conflict and launching activist-based coalitions. Ms. Brown's work has been featured on ABC Evening News, National Public Radio (NPR), Christian Science Monitor World News; and in The Washington Post, Los Angeles Time's Sunday Magazine, Washington Times, New York Times, USA Today, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, and Fortune Magazine. In 1999, the work of NCBI was designated a "best practice for racial reconciliation" by President Clinton's Initiative on Race. The U.S. Department of Education chose NCBI's work on race and gender issues on college campuses as one of the only five organizations to receive a designation of "best practice."

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